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Hotel Le Concorde Quebec

A sharing Christmas, thanks to Hotel Le Concorde Quebec

29 October 2019 / L'équipe du Concorde

What a great initiative from this hotel to pay $ 2.50 to the Gilles Kègle Foundation for each night booked in November!

When we made our reservation for our stay in Quebec City, it was a great surprise to discover such a generous commitment from a large hotel like Le Concorde. For each night, an amount of $ 2.50 will be paid to the Gilles Kègle Foundation.

Mr. Kègle, who is nicknamed "The street nurse", has devoted 35 years to the underprivileged and devotes himself every day to caring for, comforting and accompanying the lonely and poor persons. Its foundation is well known in the region because each year it helps more than 1,500 beneficiaries. Every week, the Foundation carries out more than 800 home visits, mainly to vulnerable seniors who suffer from loneliness.

Our stay really putted us in the spirit of Christmas, and in addition, we were offered a beautiful Christmas ball in the effigy of Hotel Le Concorde! It is a beautiful memory that will now have its place among us Christmas decorations every year.

In November, do as we did and give to the next! All you have to do is book an overnight stay at the Hotel Le Concorde in Quebec City to be part of this great chain of mutual aid that will allow the Gilles Kègle Foundation to offer a bit of happiness to those left behind during this holiday season.

Thank you for sharing and helping the people that life has forgotten!

L'équipe du Concorde

L'équipe du Concorde

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